PDF Split Service
Windows service for splitting multipage pdf documents into smaller pdf files

How does it help me?

PDF Split Service monitors configured directories for incoming pdf files.

When a file is detected, it splits the file into new pdf files based on selected processor, name them according to a custom filename pattern, and place them in a custom destination directory.

Files can be split by "maximum pages in destination file", "pdf bookmarks" or "blank page detection" processors.

Password protected, corrupt or files containing other errors, are moved to a custom error directory.

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Multiple ways to where in pdf files to split.
- Page range
- Maximum pages
- Pdf bookmarks
- Blank page

Each processor have different configurable properties Ie. Split a 10 page pdf with "maximum pages" processor set to "2", will result in 5 pdf files containing 2 pages each.

Filename pattern
Splitted files are named based on a customisable pattern. Multiple variables are available.

Eg. current date and time, page number, orginal filename, auto numbering, globally unique identifier (guid) and custom texts.

Monitering multipe folders
Save incoming pdf files in separate folders (eg. by scanner), and configure output to central or separate folder(s). As well as support business processes, this can reduce any Windows Explorer's "many files, one folder"-issues.

Network UNC path
Support of monitoring and processing contents in shared folders on the network. eg. "\\server\share".

Configurable timer interval
Interval for processing content is configurable. Eg. for ressource planning.

Configuration preserved
When purchasing a license, no reinstall is needed and configuration is preserved.

No user or desktop interaction required.
Pdf Split Service requires .Net framework 3.5.

Step By Step

Compare Editions

Basic Edition
- Monitoring of 1 folder.
- 5 second timer.
- Fixed filename pattern:
- Extended file logging.

Professional Edition
- Monitoring of unlimited folder.
- Customisable timer interval.
- Customisable filename pattern both globally and per folder.
- Extended file logging.


Version 3 DKK EURO USD
Basic 3.990,- 535,- 699,-
Professional 5.990,- 799,- 1.050,-

Version 3 - Upgrade DKK EURO USD
Basic 2.990,- 399,- 525,-
Professional 3.990,- 535,- 699,-

All prices are excluding VAT.

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PDF Split Service Trial is a full-featured Professional Edition with only a few limitations.
When a license is purchased, no reinstallation or reconfiguration is necessary.

Trial Limitations:
- 30 days trial period.
- Splits maximum 10 pages of each pdf file.

Contact us for trial registration information on info@tjepp.com or use our e-mail form.